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The Voluntary Right to Buy Midlands Pilot

* Please note that registration for the Voluntary Right to Buy (VRtB) ballot is now closed. These pages are for information only. *

The Voluntary Right to Buy (VRtB) pilot will provide an opportunity for a limited number of housing association tenants in the Midlands to buy their homes at a discount.

Discounts are set at the same level as the Right to Buy scheme for council tenants. However, some of the eligibility criteria are different.

Find out more about the discount you could receive using the Right to Buy calculator. The discount is calculated based on the type of home you live in and how long you’ve lived there. There are also some websites which can estimate the value of your property. However, you won’t know the exact discount until your home is valued during the application process.

Your housing association is not obliged to sell your home and may exempt some homes from sale. These exemptions are set out in your housing association’s sales policy, which you can find on their website. If your home is exempt and you are successful in the ballot, you will be given the opportunity to transfer your discount to another property.

Supported and sheltered housing are generally not in scope of the pilot. You will want to check your housing association's individual policy on their website if you think this applies to you.

How to register

If you'd like to buy your home through the pilot you need to:

  • Check that you meet the eligiblity criteria
  • Check that your housing association is taking part
  • Check that you live in a Midlands local authority area included in the pilot
  • Make sure you can afford the purchase, including all moving and ongoing maintenance costs

If you’d like to apply to buy your home, you’ll need to enter the ballot. The ballot will open at 9am on 16 August 2018 and will close at midnight on 16 September 2018.

What happens next

If you're successful in the ballot, you'll then need to apply directly to your housing association, who will carry out checks to confirm that you are eligible to proceed. Please note that if you are successful in the ballot, this does not guarantee that you will be able to buy your home in the pilot.

If you are successful in the ballot you will be allocated a Unique Reference Number (URN). Keep this number safe as you'll need it when you apply to your housing association to buy your home.

Once you have received your URN you will need to apply to your housing association. They will then carry out checks to confirm that you are eligible to apply to buy your home.

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